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Oregonians making sure our Fallen Military Heroes from Oregon are remembered along the Highways of Oregon well after the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are over.

Heroes Highway Project was started by Gold Star Dads Michael Thorpe and David Troyer.
The concept of Highway Memorial Signs for Oregons Fallen Heroes was brought to State Representative Andy Olson in Oct 2012.
HB2708 was passed in the 2013 session to allow the 1st three Roadside Memorial Signs to be manufactured and installed.
Legislation (HB2389) was passed in 2015 to make the process easier on the families by separating the Legislative process that allows the sign, from the application process with ODOT.
This allows the families that have a Passed Concurrent Resolution to work directly with ODOT on the design and placement of the sign.
Instead of a complicated legalize filled Bill,the families of Oregon's Fallen to be able to work with their state REP or Senator, to draft a Concurrent Resolution.
A Concurrent Resolution is really nothing more than a simple BIO of your loved one that you can write yourself, or have help from your Legislator. It can be a paragraph or 2 pages....whatever you want it to be.
If you want a Highway Memorial Sign to be placed in honor of your Fallen Service member, the process is simple and we can help you.
It is our sincere hope that even though this will not cost the taxpayers any money, that ODOT will continue to only charge actual costs involved. The cost to the family for the sign, post, and labor currently is $600.00.

Future Goals
Our long term goal is to see a tax deductible fund be established at the state level to administer money to families that need help paying for signs for their loved one. This would be funded by donated money.
Communities have came together to help families fund raise for the costs, but some families will need help and we would want to be able to help them.
This project began with 3 signs being installed on OR HWY 34 in Honor of LCpl. Tyler J Troyer,SPC Eric S Mckinley, and SSgt Kevin Davis all of whom were killed in Iraq.

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