New Highway Signs Approved !!


On May 18th, The Oregon Senate voted unanimously to approve House Concurrent Resolutions 1, 2, and 3. These resolutions will permit the families of Joe Rodewald, Kory Wiens and his Service Dog Cooper, and Ian Tawney to have ODOT construct and install Roadside Memorial Signs honoring these Heroes who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

These will be the 1st signs approved with the new resolution system that took effect this month with the passage of HB2389. This makes the process easier for the families, ODOT, and the Legislature. This separates ODOT from the process and removes the legalize from the typical ‘Bill’. The resolution is only about the honoree and once passed….the family works with ODOT directly on sign location and payment. It went very smooth this way compared to other 5 Bills that got approved in the 2013 session.
I cannot wait to see these signs along our highways……..honoring our Heroes.

Joe Rodewald

Joe Rodewald


Kory Wiens and Cooper

Ian Tawney

Ian and Ashley Tawney



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  1. Michael Thorpe (Post author)

    The 2015 Legislative Session ended up having 9 signs approved !! This was fantastic to witness ! As of February 2016, 8 of those nine have been installed.
    Here are the names:

    Joseph Rodewald
    Ian Tawney
    Nickolas Welch
    Nathan Windsor
    Mabry Anders
    John A Pelham
    Keaton Coffey
    Kory Wiens and Cooper
    Taylor Marks

    God Bless them !


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