2016 Legislative Session New Signs Proposed

It is now official !
The 2016 Oregon Legislative session begins on February 1st and there are 7 Fallen Heroes that will have Resolutions for Hero Highway Signs done during this short session.
Here are the names along with the House and Senate Concurrent Resolution numbers.

HCR201 Anthony T Justesen, June 23rd 2010, Afghanistan

HCR202 Travis A Moothart, January 27th 2004, Iraq

HCR203 Erik C Kesterson, November 15th 2003, Iraq

HCR205 Cody J Patterson, October 6th 2013, Afghanistan

HCR207 Donald R Walters, March 23rd 2003, Iraq

SCR206 George N Wright, May 21st 1967, Vietnam and James A Wright, May 31st 1969, Vietnam

It is possible there could be a few others proposed by lawmakers and I will add any others that come up during the session. The one good thing about the short session is that these will fly through and be done much sooner than the last couple of years.

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  1. Michael Thorpe (Post author)

    All of the above resolutions were passed and all 7 of these signs have been installed. Pictures of them can be found on the HHP website.


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