3 More sign resolutions added to Oregon 2017 Legislative Session

March madness continues with 3 more signs being added to the 2017 Legislative Session via 2 new Concurrant Resolutions.
HCR 30
House Concurrent Resolution 30 was introduced to Honor Fallen Brothers HM (Hospitalman) Charles E Johnson, Us Navy, and SSG Clifford T Johnson, US Army.
Charles and Clifford were both lost in Vietnam, Charles on 2-8-1968 and Clifford on 12-26-1970 respectfully.
These 2 brothers are the 3rd of 4 sets of Brothers that lost their lives serving our country in the Vietnam War. I dont at this time have much history on these Brothers other than they were from the Portland area.
I look forward to following this through the process and I will post video here along with any updates along the way.
God Bless these 2 brave Heroes for their service, and their sacrifice.
SCR 19
Senate Concurrant Resolution 19 has been intoduced to Honor Fallen Hero, Cpl. Jeremy M Loveless. Jeremy served our country with the US Army, and he lost his life in Mosul, Iraq on 5-29-2006.
Jeremy was born in Albany, Oregon and grew up in the Estacada area. I look forward to visiting this sign once it is installed and I hope to visit with his folks again, whom I met in 2006.
God Bless this Fallen Hero !!

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