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This is a special post that I wanted to post on this July 4th, Indepedence Day.
Since the beginning of the Heroes Highway Project in 2012, it has been my hope that there would be signs erected for Fallen Heroes from other Wars other than the recent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. There hasnt been any until last year when Stephen Bates of Boring, Oregon came forth and asked the Senate and House to pass a Resolution for 2 Fallen Heroes from Boring.
These 2 Heroes were Brothers and they both served during, and were killed in the Vietnam War.
Senate Concurrent Resolution 206 was passed in 2016 to Honor these Brothers, George and James Wright.
It was an honor last summer to ride out and visit the signs erected in their honor near Boring.
Being a Gold Star Dad myself, I could not fathom the loss felt by this family to have not lost just one son, but 2 !!
Through reading about the Wright brothers, and learning about Mr. Bates I have come to learn that there were 31 families in the USA that lost more than one family member during service to our country in Vietnam, and that the State of Oregon had 4 of those !!
During the 2017 legislative session, Stephen Bates and the legislature brought forth Concurrent Resolutions for the other 3 sets of brothers.
Here are their names:
Pvt James H Rowden
3-5-66 US ARMY
PFC John W Rowden
2-10-68 USMC
Both KIA in Vietnam.
Both from Jackson County area
HCR 30
HM Charles E Johnson
2-8-69 US NAVY
SSG Clifford Johnson
12-26-70 US ARMY
Both KIA in Vietnam
SCR 19-A
S4 David L Evans
10-24-68 US ARMY
SPC6 Norman F Evans
11-24-70 US ARMY
They were from Klamath County
All three of these were easily passed by the House and Senate.
There are only 2 things now keeping signs honoring these Heroes from being made.
1. Funding
2. Location
The signs cost $600.00 each. So thats a total of $3600.00 that would be needed to fund these. Unlike the current wars, where there are complete families and friends to support the purchase and locating of a sign, the Vietnam War ended more than 40 years ago. There are not many surviving family members of these Heroes around to help with funding or location.
I do believe that the location of these signs will be easy being that placing them in the communities where they grew up makes sense. Gathering the funds to make this happen is the bigger challenge.
Stephen Bates has a tax free fund (501 3c) to gather funds to pay for these signs.
I have had many folks on here ask me how they can help, can we donate money for signs ?
So I am asking any and alll of you to donate whatever you can to this fund so that these 6 signs can be constructed and installed.
If you have $20 or $1000 it will be very much appreciated and it would go a long way to resurrecting the Service and Sacrifice of these 6 Fallen Heroes and their families.
Mr Bates is totally dedicated to honoring these Heroes and I would not make this recomondation if I did not feel strongly about what he is doing. So please, please, please, lets show support for these Fallen Heroes and get these signs paid for ASAP !!
Here is that info for that fund.
Boring Oregon Foundation
P O Box 1448
Boring, Oregon 97009
Specify Memorial Highway Fund
If anyone has questions, they can call Steve Bates (503) 663-6271
Steve Bates is an outstanding man who has done a lot for our vets. Him undertaking these signs for these Fallen Vietnam Heroes just goes to show the character he has.

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