Planning a Highway Memorial Sign for 2018 Session ?

*****UPDATE 2018 Legislative Session !*****

As the month of August winds down and Fall gets closer, its time to start thinking about Oregon’s 2018 Legislative Session.

The 2018 session will be a short session, 45 days or so.

The legislators will have limits on the number of Bills they can bring forth during the session.

Last short session, several Sign Resolutions were passed by running them through the Rules Committee.

So this session, House Representative Andy Olson’s Chief of Staff. Abby Weekly is inviting GStar Families that want to get a Highway Memorial Sign for their Fallen Hero to get in touch with her so she can run your Resolution through the Rules Committee so it will get on the Agenda for the 2018 session.

To get started is simple. Either call Abby at 503-986-1415, or email her at: and let her know that you want a Highway Memorial Sign for your Fallen Hero and she will help you get started. Abby and her Father have been there for us since Day 1 on this project and they will be there to help you too !

You only need to supply 2 things to Abby.

1: Basic info about you Fallen Hero like name, Service Branch, dates of birth and death,etc.

2: What you want the Resolution to say about your Hero.

The Resolution can be anything you want it to be. This can be a 1 paragraph obituary type thing to a 2 page short story. The important this is that it can be what you want it to be.

On our website, I have uploaded ALL Bills and Resolutions since day 1. I tell families to look at them to see what others have written to spark your own thoughts on what you want to say.

The Resolution will become part of the Historical Record of our state for all time, so make it say whatever you want.

You can visit this link to read what others have done.

The Legislative Committee cutoff date for 2018 Legislation is November 21st. For Abby to do her best work, it would be best if Families that are interested in doing this make contact with Abby by Mid September to guarantee your resolution makes it into the session.

Please pass along and share this post so it get out there to the Families that may be interested in doing this.

As Always, I can be contacted here, on the website, or on my cell at 541-974-3383 anytime if you have any questions.

I hope to see many new resolutions for next year !!

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